Pen & ink drawings

The images contained in this gallery are reproductions of black and white pen and ink drawingsthat are available as limited-edition prints, individually signed by the artist and numbered. These are available in A4 plus size only and are priced at £16.00 each (including postage & packaging). Please note that some of these original drawings are also availble to buy.


A4 black & white prints £16.00


My limited-edition black and white prints are not Giclee reproductions but are printed using a Digital Lazer process with lightfast inks on 200 gram matt paper in order to keep them affordable. This has had no obvious reduction in print quality. 

Pike and coot

The fighting tench

Mirror carp and rig

Two chub

Pike head

Perch on

Two barbel

Bream on

Carp in the snags

Crucian and corn

Barbel in weed

Pike and prey

Barbel at net

Striking perch

Tenchfishers' float

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